Healthy Living Renders

Healthy Living Renders

The condition of the air indoors is an important factor for comfort, health and quality of life

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BAUMIT Klima RK 39 (Kalkin RK 39) Hydraulic lime render - 35kg

Product: Baumit RK39 is an easy to use, creamy white coloured, lime based render suitable for apply..

Ex Tax: £15.01

BAUMIT Klima RK 70 (Kalkin RK 70) N Fine finish lime render - 25kg

Product: Baumit RK70 is an easy to use, pure hydraulic lime based render/plaster which is  cr..

Ex Tax: £22.88

BAUMIT Klima RK38 / Kalkin RK 38 Pure lime internal hydraulic lime plaster 35kg

Product: Baumit RK38 is a vapour permeable (breathable), natural, hydraulic lime plaster, cream..

Ex Tax: £19.21
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