Spiral fixings / Helical fastener / Plastic spiral anchor 50mm - box of 10

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Product: Spiral fixings are an easy to use fixing that screws straight in to the surface of the insulation and allows the fixing of light weight fittings such as downpipes, lights, burgular alarm casings, etc. They can be used internally and externally. A suitable sealant should be used if installing externally to prevent moisture ingress.mm

Plug length: 50mm

Washer diameter: 28

Screw diameter: 4.5mm


- Fixing lightweight components (up to 5kg/fastener) to polystyrene insulation walls
- Fixing of lightweight downpipes, burglar alarms and outside lights to insulation systems. Fixing of light weight fittings internally.


When using in wood fibre boards or any other rendered system, pre-drill to a 50mm depth with a 6mm drill. Using a T40 driver bit the spiral fixing can be screwed straight in to the substrate. Once in position your fitting can be fixed by using a 4.5mm chipboard/wood screw and screwing it in to the centre of the spiral fixing. To seal the hole, fill the last 10mm of thread of the fixing and the central core with sealant.

No thermal bridges occurring, can be used for insulation thickness 60 mm and more.

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