BAUMIT SilikonColor weather-resistant facade paint - 5l

  • Brand: BAUMIT
  • Product Code: SilikonColor
  • Delivery time: 5-10 Days
  • Colour: Baumit Life colour palette
  • Coverage: 15m2
  • Weight: 5 l
  • £73.84
  • Ex Tax: £61.53

Product: Ready-to-use paint for on silicone resin basis for indoor and outdoor use.

Coverage: at 2 x coating approx. 15m²

Composition: Silicone resin and organic binders, aggregates, colour pigments, organic and non-organic additives, water.

Properties: Weather-resistant, highly water repellent, water vapour permeable, tension-low drying.

Application: Protection and design of facades. Suitable for all mineralic subsurface and plasters, on old and new synthetic-resin bound plasters and –paints. Also suitable for renovation and painting of top coat renders. Especially recommended at splash-water areas.

Consumption on smooth subsurface:

approx. 0.5 l/m² at 1 x coating incl. priming       

approx. 0.32 l/m² at 2 coats

Silicon paints are particularly suitable for both new buildings and for paint finishes when renovating older surfaces.


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Colour Baumit Life colour palette
Coverage 15m2
Weight 5 l

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