BAUMIT MP 69 Plus Lightweight base coat render 30kg

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Description: Baumit MP69 Plus is a light weight, pale grey, vapour permeable (breathable), lime based render used as a base coat on to light weight backgrounds (λ ≥ 0.09 W/mK) such as light weight block or Porotherm block. It can also be used as a base coat on to normal dense masonry and can be reinforced with a layer of MC55 and StarTex mesh. This product is typically used on more insulating backgrounds than the standard MP69.

- a base coat render for lightweight block and Porotherm.

- a base coat render for normal dense masonry.

- for use under Baumit decorative topcoats.

- top coat render for interior and exterior.

Application: Baumit MP69 Plus should be mixed by a plaster whisk with clean tap water to a smooth consistency and then applied by hand or it can be spray applied by machine. Externally it needs to be applied at a minimum thickness of 18mm in one pass and at a maximum of 20mm per coat. It can also be used internally where it is applied at a typical thickness of 10mm. MP69 Plus can then be applied as a top coat as 3mm if required or other finishes from the Baumit range can be applied.

Each 25kg bag of Baumit MP69 Plus will cover up to 2.5m2 at 10mm or 1.4m2 at 18mm. As with all lime based materials, it should only be used when temperatures are above 5 degrees Celsius and away from strong, drying winds and direct sunlight. This product will cure at a rate of 1mm per day in optimum conditions.



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