• BAUMIT HM 50 Multi-purpose contact mortar 25kg

Description: fiber reinforced bonding mortar suitable as a keying coat on concrete and insulating boards or as a finely sponged thin coat render on concrete formwork and in plinth areas.

Also suitable as a remediating plaster.

Consumption: ca. 5 - 6 kg/m2 (nominal 3 mm layer)

Suitable Uses: Generally as a bonding mortar onto concrete surfaces for the application of further basecoats and/or finishes of the Mortar Groups CS I, CS II, CS III und CS IV (up to 10 mm). For application over stable, mineral renders of the Mortar Groups CS III und CS IV, concrete, resin based renders and stable paints.

Composition: Sand, cement, white lime and additives to improve workability, adhesion and reinforcement (textile fibers)

Performance: Mineral based workable bonding mortar and concrete filler/skim finish and reinforcing mortar. A renovation and facade thin coat render and filler with good adhesion onto most backgrounds. Once hardened, it is water vapor permeable, frost and weather resistant and has high impact resistance.

For use in all external and internal areas including the plinth area with the provision of a gravel drainage. Ideal background for mineral and resin decor render finishes. HM 50 can also be used as a reinforcing mesh (alkaline resistant) coating onto basecoats and insulation boards, for example Styrodur, XPS boards (rough, scratched surface) and multi-layered boards. Not for use with certificated ETICS.

Background: Suitable onto mineral backgrounds such as concrete, masonry and lime and cement bound basecoats. The background should be dry, stable, dirt and dust free, and able to receive a coating. Basecoats should be fully cured. Remove any peeling paint, lime wash, grease stains (from shuttering) and other contaminants and film forming layers. Any cracks are to be scratched open with a pointed tool to form a “V“ shape. Highly absorbent backgrounds are to be dampened with water. Do not apply onto gypsum backgrounds. Smooth backgrounds (styrodur, XPS or similar) should be roughened up prior to application of HM 50. Friable basecoats are to be treated with a stabiliser such as PF05. Larger areas of insulation boards should be mechanically fixed according to the manufacturers recommendations.

Application: Use only clean water, without admixtures. Do not mix with other materials. HM 50 can be manually mixed in a bucket or tub, depending on quantity, using an electric hand mixer. Mortar mixing pumps or continuous mixers provide a more efficient mixing and application of the bonding mortar. Mortar mixing pumps in conjunction with semi performance or full performance rotor and stator. The application thickness and process varies depending on purpose. As a bonding mortar, facade renovation render and reinforcing mesh coating, HM 50 is generally applied to a thickness of 3-5 mm and combed through with a brush while wet. Glass fibre reinforcing mesh (AG01 G) is embedded into the mortar in areas where there is a risk of cracking (mixed masonry, over cracks). Standing times of 1 day per mm thickness of render should be observed before further Coatings are applied. Bonding Mortar HM 50 can be applied directly onto concrete and sponged finished. As a bonding mortar for insulation boards over areas subject to thermal bridging, HM 50 can be applied at medium thickness and combed through with a tooth trowel. HM 50 can be applied as a bonding mortar onto concrete, with an immediate ‘fresh-in-fresh’ application of a further coating. Do not apply to thicknesses > 8-10 mm over larger areas. Baumit ETICS are available for larger areas of facade insulation.

Coverage ca. 5 - 6 kg/m2 (nominal 3 mm layer)
Weight 25kg

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BAUMIT HM 50 Multi-purpose contact mortar 25kg

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