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BAUMIT NanoporTop Breathable Render Fine 1.0mm pre-coloured 25kg

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Description: The perfect final coat for all façade systems – whether thermal insulation composite systems or plaster façades. It is available in Baumit Life, the largest color system for façades. Grain size 1 & 1.5 as well as 2 & 3 mm in an etched design. Self-cleaning and pollution-resistant, ready-to-use render. Extremely durable, dirt and weather resistant. Baumit photocat technology creates maximum protection against contamination using the power of light. Mineral based and highly vapour permeable. For protection and enhancement of façades.

Consumption kg/m2:

- 1.5mm grain ca. 2.5 kg/m2

- 2.0mm grain ca. 3.2 kg/m2

- 3.0mm grain ca. 4.2 kg/m2

The façade provides decoration and protection for every building. In its function as the outer skin, however, it is permanently exposed to various forms of environmental impact.


Through years of experience combined with the most up-to-date discoveries in the field of nanotechnology, Baumit has developed patented forms of Nanopor plaster and colours for façades. Their special surface ensures the lasting cleanliness and attractiveness of the façade and your house will radiate with its original brilliance for many years.

With NanoporColor, Baumit creates lasting cleanliness and attractiveness for existing façades - simply and cost effectively.


Through decades of development, Baumit has created high-quality and robust façade systems with a long service life. Dirt and environmental influences, however, impact on the façade and thus, over the years, the appearance changes. In order to retain the building's attractive appearance, the façade must be visually restored after a few years, i.e. recoated. And this involves considerable cost. Due to the special characteristics of Baumit NanoporTop, the façade remains clean and attractive for almost double the length of time. So you save on the cost of maintenance!


Through the use of nanotechnology, Baumit has succeeded is equipping Baumit NanoporTop and NanoporColor with special characteristics that protect the plaster surface from various environmental contaminants of an organic and inorganic nature. The power of light and the new photocatalyst give Baumit Nanopor an additional, particularly effective self-cleaning effect – for a façade that remains attractive, gleaming and clean for a long time.


Daylight activates the photo catalyst in the plaster and/or in the paint. This breaks down the dirt particles that have accumulated on the surface, which are removed through the movement of air and in some cases fall to the ground. Rain and drying moisture dissolve particles of dirt and clean the façade.

This method is particularly effective against infestation by algae, fungi and bacteria, as well as particles of dust and smoke. The photocatalyst contained in the façade is not worn away during this process. The result is a dirt-resistant surface that remains permanently attractive.


Low level of contamination - The special surface is microscopically smooth and has a "nanoporous" structure. These nanopores are too small (1 nanometre = 1 millionth of a millimetre) for dirt particles – they can only rest on the surface with difficulty. In addition, the low electrostatic charge of Baumit NanoporTop and Color reduces the contamination of the façade.

STEP 1: Daylight activates the photo-catalyst in the plaster or paint

STEP 2: This breaks down the dirt particles that have accumulated on the surface, which are removed through the movement of air and partly fall to the ground.

STEP 3: Rain and drying moisture dissolve particles of dirt and clean the façade.

Please state grain size and choosen colour in 'Comments' section, when placing an order.


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Thumb File information
Baumit_Nanopor Color_data_she et.pdf 177.67KB 171
Colour Baumit Life colour palette
Coverage please see product description
Weight 25kg

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