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  • BAUMIT FL 68 Lightweight fibrous / organic render 30kg

BAUMIT FL 68 Lightweight fibrous / organic render 30kg

  • Brand: BAUMIT
  • Product Code: BFL68
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Description: Lightweight fibre reinforced organic render. For use as base coat on lightweight masonry. For internal and external use. Suitable as an undercoat render for plastering high-performance thermal masonry walls. FL 68 can be manually applied, small amounts being mixed with an electric mixer. A more economical and efficient application can be achieved using mortar mixing pumps or continuous mixers and silo systems. Use only clean water, without any admixtures.

It can be applied to all dense masonry and insulating masonry where the conductivity is greater than 0.07 W/mK.

When used as a basecoat on external walls the minimum thickness should be 15 mm. For overall basecoat thicknesses > 20 mm or other unfavourable circumstances, apply several thinner layers. In such cases each coat should be roughened up on stiffening using a grid float or similar and curing time (1 day per mm render thickness) observed, before applying the following coat. This is particularly important in low temperatures as these slow down the curing process!

To counter rapid drying from strongly absorbent backgrounds, apply the basecoat in two stages – wet in wet .


Baumit FL68 should be mixed with clean tap water and mixed with a plaster whisk to a smooth creamy, lump free consistency and applied by hand or by projection plastering machine. This should be applied at 18mm as a base coat or 3mm as a top coat. Greater thickness can be achieved by applying the render in 10mm coats and using a plasterers comb to horizontally comb each coat.

If the surface of the substrate is fairly smooth the base coat can be applied in two passes so long as the first coat does not set in between coats. Once the base coat is dry it should be finished with a grid plane or nail float to receive subsequent coatings.

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