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  • BAUMIT LL 66 Plus Air entreined render 35kg

BAUMIT LL 66 Plus Air entreined render 35kg

  • Brand: BAUMIT
  • Product Code: BALL6635
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This product has a minimum quantity of 25

Description: Lightweight lime cement render with lightweight mineral aggregate, increased micro-pores for use as basecoat and finishing coat, for all external and internal areas, including those subject to high humidity.

Product: Factory-prepared mixture of plaster for manual or machine use.

Application: The plastering of all types of masonry, concrete, etc. The interior and exterior walls, as well as for rooms with high humidity - as plaster primer and topcoat, designed painting, tiling, plastering precious mineral or synthetic resin.

Composition: Sand, cement, lime, light mineral admixtures and additives for improving treatment and adhesion

Properties: Mineral, cement-lime plaster mortar admixtures, without organic additives (ENP), flexible and easy to work with. After curing, resistant to weather conditions, impact, scratches, hydrophobic and breathable.

Grain size: 0-1.2mm

Coverage: approx. 12kg/m2 @ 10mm thickness 

Substrate: It must be firm, sound, clean and dry evenly, ensuring applying a layer of plaster reasonably uniform in thickness. Smooth concrete surfaces must be covered with a layer provides good adhesion, for example, an adhesive plaster Baumit HM 50. Highly absorbent substrates should be pre-wetted. 

Treatment: The amount of water to be used is approximately 7 - 8 liters per bag.

Small amounts of render can be mixed manually by using mixer with a drill. 

The minimum thickness of the base coat plaster is 10 mm. If you need a final coat thicker than 20 mm is recommended to apply the plaster in several layers with proper maintenance breaks (1 day per mm layer thickness) and giving a rough surface layers of primer.

Note: For proper bonding  LL 66 requires the right amount of water. Especially when applied thin layer or it dries out too quickly.

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