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  • BAUMIT LS 62 Lightweight Splash Zone/Plinth Render 35kg

BAUMIT LS 62 Lightweight Splash Zone/Plinth Render 35kg

  • Brand: BAUMIT
  • Product Code: BALS6235
  • Delivery: 5-10 Days
  • £23.65

  • Ex Vat: £19.71

This product has a minimum quantity of 36

Description: Lightweight cement render for the plinth area on thermally insulating masonry. Suitable for all external and internal areas including bathrooms as a base coat and a finely sponged finish coat. 

Product: Dry mortar according to DIN 18557 and DIN EN 998-1, cement plaster for manual and machine processing.

Application: For the mechanical cleaning of highly stressed masonry or concrete surfaces, such as for example basement exterior walls and in damp conditions (for light brick and aerated concrete compression strength class ≤ 6). 

Components: Sand, cement, light mineral aggregate and additives to improve adhesion.

Properties: Mineral, after addition of water ready to use, machine applicable, cement plaster with good water retention and good substrate adhesion. After hardening, weatherproof and frost resistant, diffusion, impact and scratch resistant.

Storage: Dry and protected, the storage time should not exceed 6 months.

Substate: The substrate must be firm, sound, frost-free, free of efflorescence and free from be adherent residues (dirt and dust). The surface to be plastered must be evenly dried. Smooth  surfaces with a suitable base (eg adhesive mortar HM 50). 

Application:  LS 62 can easily be processed by hand with a suitable tool. Application on a large surface is recommended. Mix with clean water only, without other additives. The minimum thickness is 10 mm. For render thicknesses greater than 20 mm and any unfavorable conditions, where product needs to be applied in several layers, curing time of 1 day per 1mm is recommended before applying the next layer. 

Notes: Do not apply in direct sunlight, rain or wind and the façade to protect fully cured (Scaffolding Net).

High humidity and low temperatures can increase curing times. 

Do not apply below +5°C  and above 30°C. 


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