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UNGER-DIFFUTHERM UdiRECO 1300x790x140mm Wood fibre insulation board - 1m2

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What do you use UdiRECO wood fibre Insulation Boards for?

·         Eco friendly, effective external and internal insulation for uneven solid walls.

·         Reducing your energy bills and saving you money.

·         Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

·         Ensuring your building remains breathable and preventing moisture related issues such as mould.

What is it and where do I use it? 

UdiRECO is a very eco friendly, breathable, high performance wood fibre insulation board with a wide range of applications, both internally and externally, for new-build and retrofit. The board has a unique backing which makes it able to accommodate uneven surfaces, avoiding the need to render walls flat first. This speeds up installation and avoids any back-draughts behind the insulation boards. The board is tongued and grooved on all four sides to ensure that no cracks occur on the joints and is suitable for direct plastering/rendering  with the Udi range of renders and plasters.

The UdiRECO wood fibre boards can be used for internal and external solid wall insulation on all types of masonry or Porotherm to form a breathable and durable external wall insulation system.

Because of the unique way wood fibre transports and stores moisture, the UdiRECO boards will keep your building dry, even in areas of very high rainfall. Once fixed to the exterior they can withstand weather for up to 8 weeks before the render needs to be applied.

How do I use it?

Firstly, plan out your wall. The first course of UdiRECO boards should start at least 300mm above the ground level with either plinth insulation coming up to this point or a plinth rail to start the system off. Measure where the window openings are and plan so that there are no horizontal or vertical joints within 300mm of the corners of any openings. You may need to start with a row of cut boards. If this is not possible then the UdiSPECIAL ADHESIVE must be used to glue the joints in these areas.

UdiRECO insulation boards should be laid in horizontal rows, with the tongues pointing upward and loosely fixed with 2-4 UdiASSEMBLY fixings to begin with. Once the entire face is covered with the boards start at the bottom and install the rest of the fixings. You will require around 8 per m2. These are then tightened to the appropriate level to create a flat facade in line with the plinth insulation if used externally or your desired line if used internally.

How much do I need?

Each UdiRECO Insulation board is 1300 x 790mm which is just over 1m2. We would normally recommend that an allowance of 5-10% waste is allowed for depending on the complexity of the area to be insulated. For more information and guidance please call us or email us.

Coverage 1m2
Board size 1300x790mm
Thickness 140mm

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